Did someone say your fuel pump is defective and not operating efficiently as theirs?

Fuel Pump Servicing

Not all fuel pumps operate as efficiently as you would expect or hope they would, and this could be for a number of reasons. But the good thing is,  KRM Diesel has the equipment and expertise to test, check, and if required replace your fuel pump to get you going again quickly, stocking only the best and most reliable brands in today’s market.

What’s The Process For Diesel Fuel Pumps

We all want our vehicles to run smoothly and at its optimum best and your vehicles fuel pump is like the heart of the beast. It’s responsible for pushing fuel into the engine giving it its power. So a faulty fuel pump not performing as they should, means you are not going to have a smooth a ride as you should.

But before you suspect your fuel pump is faulty and head out and buy a replacement, see if you can relate to any of these signs first.

Signs Of Faulty Fuel Pumps

  • The most common sign is, the engine is hard to start or does not start at all.

  • The engine may stall which happens when the flow of diesel wavers as there is too little diesel being supplied to your motor.

  • The engine surges which is because there is too much diesel causing the engine to surge while driving.

  • If you’re having trouble starting your vehicle, or the vehicle does not start at all, you should first check the fuse for the field pump. If that doesn’t do the trick, have the vehicle inspected by KRM Diesel.

KRM Vapour Blasting

What Is Forced Regeneration

DPF (diesel particulate filters) go through a regeneration process which removes this soot and lowers the filter pressure making regular filter maintenance a necessity.

The rate of particulates generated by the engine, the quality of the fuel, quality of the or oil, driving style, even the location of the DPF in the exhaust system can all contribute to the filter blocking or not regenerating fully.

What Happens When Regeneration Doesn’t Take Place

Anyone who has found themselves driving on the freeway and your vehicle just loses all its power, will know what this is like. This is what is known as ‘limp mode’ and occurs when the regeneration process might not have completed fully. Before this, you most likely saw the warning lights on the dash indicating there is a problem.

KRM Diesel is experts when it comes to the forced regeneration of your diesel engine. It’s about knowing the vehicle type, and engine combination as you can have different reasons as to why the filter blocks.

So let KRM Diesel look after you so your vehicle keeps going and you don’t find yourself in need of towing.  


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    Brake Repairs

    If you are having problems with the brakes of your vehicle, KRM Diesel is fully qualified and can check all this at their workshop at Ormeau. This includes any brake pad replacement, disc brake rotor or general repairs. After a full inspection is carried out, you will be notified and quoted on the work. All vehicles are road tested for safety after repairs are done.

    PrePurchase Inspection

    KRM Diesel offers a fast, professional pre-purchase inspection program on any diesel vehicle, and this will allow you to proceed with the purchase of your vehicle knowing exactly what you are getting. You will be provided with a full report on any identified fault which will allow you to purchase the vehicle with confidence and not be caught will undisclosed expensive faults.

    Light Commercial Servicing

    It’s a yes from KRM Diesel if you have a light commercial vehicle looking for servicing and repairs. KRM Diesel services truck up to six (6) ton, and we offer the same day turnaround. Services are carried out in our workshop at Ormeau and cover all necessary repairs, parts and maintenance work including replacing wearing parts and ensuring that your vehicle in the best possible condition.

    Satisfaction Guarantee


    Karl Meadows wants to make sure your experience with KRM Diesel is a positive one. That’s why he is offering a personal service promise on all work. We know how important it is to have work vehicles on the road so you don’t lose time or money on jobs. Being punctual and working efficiently is Karl’s promise and you’ll also love all the organisation and preparation that he dedicates to each task. The job isn’t finished until you are 100% satisfied.

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