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Karl Meadows is the owner and expert diesel mechanic of KRM Diesel. With a fully equipped workshop, he offers the full servicing and repairs to all diesel-powered light commercial vehicles. There’s the option of DPF cleaning, diagnostics and repairs to all diesel fuel injectors as well as ultrasonic cleaning


Call us to help you navigate through the minefield of bad choices people make to ‘hastily’ or ‘cheaply’ fix their diesel injection problem. The conversation will cost you nothing and help you heaps, not to mention giving you a clear understanding of the path to follow and the costs to expect to achieve a guaranteed result. Karl is a specialist in this field and is the person you want to work on your vehicle.
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We provide essential diesel fuel injection service to all customers!


KRM Diesel specialises in fuel injection repairs and automotive maintenance. The results of their vapour blasting equipment are first class, as is the workmanship that’s done on turbo kits and performance. KRM Diesel offers full diagnostics and DPF cleaning. Servicing of diesel vehicles and fuel pumps, injector pumps and injectors and brake repairs are other services undertaken at their workshop at Ormeau.

Diesel Particulate Filter

KRM Diesel has the most powerful and effective DPF flash cleaner that flow tests, cleans, and dries with hot air in one operation. Available to customers central to Gold Coast & Brisbane.

Diesel Fuel Injection

KRM Diesel is an authorised dealer for Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment repair and service based in Ormeau providing a complete and accurate service on diesel fuel injection systems.

Diesel Vehicle Servicing

Specialising in light commercial vehicles, log book servicing and repairs, KRM Diesel services truck up to six (6) ton and offer the same day turnaround covering all necessary vehicle repairs.

Diagnostics & Testing

KRM Diesel vehicle diagnostic scan tools for reading vehicle fault are just one of the advanced tools used to help overcome the faults and failures that are seen every day.

Turbo & Performance

Get the most out of your turbocharger with maximum performance and minimal downtime and the reason why KRM Diesel uses only quality brands like Garrett, Mitsubishi and Hitachi.

Vapour Blasting

KRM Diesel specialises in vapour blasting, which is also known as wet blasting or liquid honing giving the highest quality result of surface finish and parts cleaning.


You know you are getting good service when the products used for your repairs and services are backup up by leading companies in the industry right across Australia. Here are just some of the professional companies that assist us to deliver quality every time.

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